Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question?  Don’t worry - we have answers.  We’ve tried to cover everything we can think of to help you use Winogo, however if there is anything we have missed please just contact us.

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What shall I do if I don’t receive my Winogo points after completing an offer?

Please email the Support Team with the confirmation email you received from an offer/order and we will be able to investigate it and look into the issue.  Please wait at least a week before contacting us.

We will send these confirmations to the advertiser for investigation.  They will investigate why it didn’t credit and will let us know if they will manually credit the offer.  This decision can depend on many things such as you not clicking on our link, you not clearing the cookies, you providing fraudulent information to the advertiser, duplicate signup and many other possible reasons.

Please note that these investigations can take anywhere from several weeks to several months depending on the advertiser.  We will try our best to contact the advertisers and ask them to manually credit your account, but we cannot guarantee that the offer will be approved.  Please do not send a missing Points ticket for the free offers.  We have no way of asking for a manual credit for these offers.

What do I do if my email verification didn’t work?

Contact the Support Team and they will help to manually verify your account.  Please clearly advise that you are having problems setting up your account and verifying your email address.  They can be contacted at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

What is considered as fraudulent activity?

Cancelling a trial offer early before actually receiving the product or service.

Using a fake email account - Please do not use an email account unless it is registered to you.

Completing an offer you have no interest in.

Using false information or information that is not your own to complete offers.

Using stolen credit cards to complete offers. *Virtual credit cards will not accepted either*

Completing the same offer multiple times on different sites.

Using Pre-Paid Gift Cards or Pre-Paid Credit Cards to complete trial offers.


Do I need a credit card to join Winogo?

Joining Winogo does not require a credit card.  Some of the promoted offers do require you to buy something using your credit card.  If you do not want to give out your credit card number, there are plenty of other free offers that you can complete to earn points.

Can anybody join Winogo?

Members have to be at least 18 years old or 13+ with their parent’s approval.  Members must read and agree to our Terms & Conditions before joining.

Does it cost money to sign up to Winogo?

No, and it never will. It’s a free membership.

Does Winogo work and is it free?

Yes! Winogo is completely free to use.  There are many ways to earn Points but members can complete free offers to earn Winogo Points.  Winogo works with many different advertisers.

They provide Winogo with some of the offers you find in the offer pages.  Winogo will then promote these offers to our members who are interested in the product or service being provided.  

When that offer is used/ completed, Winogo receives a Point for sending the customer to that website.

Winogo Points

How long does it take to receive a Point after I complete an offer?

This time varies with each advertiser.  Some points will be added instantly, some within hours and some may even take a few days depending on how long it takes the advertiser to approve your participation.  As soon as we receive confirmation that you have completed the offer correctly, your account will be credited.

Can I redeem my Winogo Points instead of entering Draws?

Yes!  Members that accrue their points can exchange them for Amazon, Apple or Paypal vouchers.  When you have enough points, simply visit the ‘Redeem’ section in your Winogo dashboard and complete the Redeem request form.

Can my Winogo points be reversed?

Yes. If you provide fraudulent/ false information we have the right to reverse the credit for a specific offer.

How long will it take for my Points to appear?

This time can vary but the majority of our offers credit the points within 5 minutes.  Some offers award the Points within hours and some even take a few days depending on how fast the advertisers system is running.  As soon as the system receives confirmation from the advertisers that you have completed the offer correctly, your account will be credited.

How can I earn Winogo Points?

Visit the How It Works page for more information on how to start earning Winogo Points!

What are Winogo Points?

Points are Winogo’s currency to earn you entries in Winogo draws or to be redeemed for gifts.  Members can earn Points at their own pace and redeem them in any Winogo prize draw or save them up to redeem for gifts - or both! 

1 Winogo Point is equal to 1 draw entry. Gifts are available for redemption from as little as 160 points.


Winogo Offers

How do I complete Winogo offers?

When you log in, you will be taken to the Winogo dashboard.  If you click on the tab “Earn”, it will take you to the offers list.  Here you will find a list of offers with their Point amounts.  Click on the offer picture or the link of the offer that interests you.  From here you must enter your valid information when you fill in the information requested.  When you have completed the offer, the Winogo Point will credit your account, when the advertiser approves your participation.

What types of offer can I complete on Winogo?

Winogo offers may include free offers, surveys, free trials, free quotes, product purchasing on a credit card/ paypal or membership applications.

Winogo Draws

Can I enter multiple draws?

Yes!  If you have the points then you can enter as many draws as you want.  You don’t need to wait for one draw to finish before you can enter the next.  As soon as you have the points you can enter the draw.

How long does it take before I can enter a draw?

This depends on how active you are and how many Winogo offers you complete.  The more Winogo offers you complete, the more Winogo Points you can enter in a draw/ draws.

Visit the How It Works page, as well the Winogo Tips page, to learn how you can earn extra points!

How do I enter draws?

Entering a draw is easy! 

Members must complete offers and when they have enough Winogo points they simply select a gift they wish to receive and enter the amount of points they wish to use.  The more points you use, the higher the chance you have of winning!

Members Questions

Why can’t I log in to my account?

If you can’t log in, the problem is usually with your password or username.  Please make sure that the password is correct and case sensitive.  If your password is correct then your account could have been closed or frozen for a variety of reasons. Please contact the Support Team who will be able to assist.

Why do I have to clear my cookies/ cache before I complete an offer?

Cookies are short pieces of data used by web servers to help identify web users.  Clearing your cookies after completing each offer will help to get your offers credited faster.  You can delete them by clicking on Tools—> Internet Options—> Delete cookies/ Browsing Data or you can use CCleaner

I’ve forgotten my Winogo password.  How can I get a reminder?

If you have forgotten your password, use the forgot password button.  Simply enter your email address and press the “Send Password” button.  Now check your email and you should have the password reminder. (Don’t forget to check your spam box in case it gets delivered to the wrong folder)

Can I use false information when I complete an offer?

No. Any use of false information when completing an offer or any fraudulent activity will result in account termination.

Does Winogo reward members that send testimonial pictures of the gift they received?

We certainly do! You can earn multiple Winogo Points after you’ve received your prize in the mail. Simply send a photo of yourself and your Winogo gift to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and 5 Winogo Points will be credited to your account within approximately 7 to 14 business days.  Please remember that YOU must be in the photo with your prize to be accepted.  

You can also send a video of yourself unboxing your gift from its packaging.  All you have to do is send your video to and we will credit your account with 5 Winogo Points! 

Your picture/video may appear in one or more of the following pages: Winogo homepage, blog, Winogo Flickr page, facebook wall, twitter feed, etc.

How do I close my account?

You can cancel your account by sending a request to our Support Team.(.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)) Please note; once an account has been closed, it cannot be reopened, nor are you permitted to open another.

Can my account be closed without me being informed?

Yes.  Winogo had theright to close any account that is committing fraudulent activities, has fake account information, multiple accounts and other reasons that violate the Terms of Service.  If we close your account, we may require proof of your identity, such as photographic ID, to reopen your account.  If your account is closed you will lose all of your Points.  Please make sure you read the Terms of Service before joining.

Can I have more than one Winogo account?

Strictly not.  Each member or household is allowed only one Winogo account.  Members are only allowed one account per computer/ IP address.  If you have family that would like to join Winogo, they are more than welcome to, as long as they do not live in the same household.


Do I have to refer people to earn credits?

No, you don’t.  But, it will help to earn you loads more points if you do!

Can I refer new members and receive Winogo Points?

Yes! You can refer members to Winogo when you log into your account. Simply log in to your Winogo account, go to the dashboard and then click on “Refer Friends”.  You can refer your friends by entering their email address, posting straight to Facebook and you can also Tweet your friends. - All from your Winogo dashboard!

Members receive 1 Winogo Point when the referral registers and completes an offer.

My friend registered under my referral ID but I didn’t receive a Point?

When you refer a friend and they sign up with the link you send them, you are awarded 1 Winogo Point when they complete an offer. (Within 48 hours)  You are not, however, awarded a point for members that only register.  Referred members complete an offer and earn themselves a Point for the referral Point to be awarded.